Tips for RVing at Our National Parks

If getting out to the national parks has been a goal of yours then this post is for you. Now more than ever getting outside and making memories with your family has become a must-do. After all, with social distancing and COVID-19 your family is all you can hang around. These tips will help you make the most of your time at our national parks and plan a trip that you talk about for years to come.


Plan Ahead

National Parks are a favorite tourist attraction not just for Americans, but also for international travelers. Plan your trip at least 6 months in advance so that you know your trip is booked. Campgrounds fill up and many are operating at limited capacity.

Watch The Weather

Download a weather app on your phone that is reliable and easy to use. The weather often changes quickly at higher elevations and the National Parks have their own weather patterns. Watch what is predicted and be prepared to have back up activities if you run into a rainy, cold, or otherwise not so easy to be outside day.

Make a List of What You Must See

bison in yellowstone

Popular destinations like Half Dome and Old Faithful are often at the top of many peoples’ lists. Make sure that you know what attractions you want to see and how in-demand they are. You might have to head out extra early or plan for crowds. If possible, camp as close as possible to your must-see destinations.

Plan Your Route

Get a GPS or GPS app that allows you to pre-plan your route and see what interesting sites might be along the way. This will allow you to choose where to make stops and, if you have kids, know where you can take breaks that will keep the kids interested.

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