Tips for Winter RVing

Most of the country is blanketed in a thick layer of cold, powdery snow. And if you don’t have snow you probably have cold weather that leaves you griping every morning about how you wish you could pack up and move to Florida. Winter, however cold it might be, doesn’t have to be horrible. Sure, it might be cold, but making plans to vacation in the winter can actually lift your mood.

Winter RVing is different than spring, summer, or fall RVing. For one, it’s quiet. RV parks tend to be nearly dead this time of year. Likewise, National Parks are far less crowded and you have the chance to see animals you wouldn’t see during the summer, all without bugs.

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Make Sure Your RV Has a Heated and Enclosed Underbelly

This is crucial to having a successful winter RV trip. If you head out into the cold to RV without a heated and enclosed underbelly you risk having your pipes and holding tanks freeze. This is a costly and messy problem to have to remedy and is best just prevented altogether.

Use Your Oven

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Cooking by using your oven is a great way to not just create a delicious meal, but also heat up your RV. Your oven can double as a cooking tool and heater thanks to the excess heat that’s left over when you are done cooking. Simply crack the oven door to allow the heat to radiate into your RV. Remember, if you have kids to keep them away from the cracked oven.

Look Into an RV Skirt

RV skirts can help insulate your RV’s underbody even further by creating a barrier to wind and the cold temperatures. These vinyl attachments simply wrap around your RV, thus creating the barrier. They’re super easy to use and can be taken with you wherever you go.

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